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Tools to Promote Your Web Site On-Line

The best way to promote your new on-line business via the internet it to get registered with a wide variety of search engines. There are an array of services to assist you in getting your new site registered. There are several important things that are required within your web pages to assist you with getting found. It is important that you have a well established page description, title and a full listing of "keywords" hidden within the coding of your site pages so that the search engines can find your pages. All sites that we design have these codes in place.

Search engines generally look for and pick up on certain words located in the top of your web pages. Generally, the first thing that they check is for matching words within the title of your pages, and then in the meta tag discription & key words. Some search engines will also check for hidden comments or the first few sentences on the page in question.

For the best possible search results it is best if you have distinctive descriptions on each and every page, alter your page titles and page descriptions by using important 'keywords' potential visitors might use in their searching and register each and every page possible individually with each search engine service. This can be a very tiring and time consuming process even with the help of search engine submission tools.

Acceptance to the various search engine providers vary in the length of time it will take before your site will be listed. Many of the major engines might take several weeks while some of the smaller ones will process almost immediately. The reasons for this is the overwhelming amount of requests that are received as well as the fact that many search engine providers 'screen' each site for content.

Many search engines require that you submit your site within a certain category which matches your site's function and purpose, some require other information as part of the submission process. There are a few search engines which will require you to also type in a page discription and several key words that fit your web site in the event that you do not have proper meta codes on your site.

It is also important that you include the full & correct URL and an accurate e-mail address for your site. It is impossible for the search engines to 'spider' your page if there are any errors, or typos made during your submission process or erroneous e-mail address. Most search engines will pick up this error and give you a warning message immediately, some will send you an email, others will simply exclude your submission. We find it helpful to maintain a simple list of each complete URL (http://www.domainname/directoryname/pagename.html) for each page in our sites as well as a copy of the page discription & keywords which we can then use to copy & paste over into the required fields in each submission site. This helps us avoid making any mistakes.

An important note to people who have frame based sites -- one of the pit-falls for framed sites it the possibility of new visitors getting separated from your main navigation. This can be a deadly down fall because how else will they see the remainder of your site? This can also impact on your getting bookmarked for future reference. There are Java codes to correct this problem and keep your web pages 'locked down' with your navigation pages. All framed sites that we design include this coding.

We have included links to several established on-line web site submission programs for you to use. It is a good idea to submit your site through a variety of programs as each one handles different search engines and you should resubmit every few months to update. However beware of programs that promise to list you with hundreds or thousands of search engines. Since it is required to give out your email address during the submission process in many cases these large bulk programs and software just lead to your mail box getting full of spam mail. We recommend that you maintain a unique e-mail address for your submissions for your privacy.

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Submit Corner
FREE easy to use program which submits to 34 major search engine sites including AOL Net find & Yahoo Directory. You need to submit one page at a time but it is a great program to start off with. It is a fast process and it will list any failures of submission for you so that you will know the ones missed. This one has been one of my favorites, however it seems to need some updating, but it still works well and gets the job done on most of the submissions.

ABS Web Site Submitter
This FREE program will walk you through submission to over 29 major search engines allowing your to correctly place your site in each of the search engine categories. It can be a bit confusing the first time around, but if you take your time it will accurately submit your site to 29 of the major search engines. It uses frames, the top frame is for the ABS navigation through the various search engines, the lower frame loads each search submission site in sequence allowing you to answer any necessary questions needed. It can be slow & tedious but worth the effort because it submits to a variety of search engines that are not included in Submit Corner above. On the down side, if you make a mistake in the process you can not go backwards to correct the error and must continue on through the process. Also, be of some of the more obscure ones!
This nice little sumission site they offer both a free submission tool & a paid service

The free program submits to.
2kCity, Exactseek, Lycos, Abacho, FindOnce, Searchit, Acoon, Google, Splatsearch, Aewi, Googley, Surfgopher, Alltheweb, Hotbot, Subjex, Cipinet, Infomak , Walhello, Entireweb, Kunani
Free submission Basic Submission with our Wizard to 18 search engines  (Free) however they would like to you add a button link on your site.

The Wizard can submit to any or all of these search engines: Lycos, Northern Light, Google, Subjex, HotBot, Scrub The Web, FAST Search, Alexa, REX, LookSeek, ExactSeek, InfoSpace, Search It, Voila, NerdWorld, Excite, Mall Park, and EntireWeb
From indeed hits, this is another basic sumbission tool like the ones above.

If you would like to try your hand at manually submitting to some of the top 125 major search engines check our complete listing.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are the ideal way to make your web site profitable. There is a huge number of affiliate programs now available on line and you should be able to find a few that will suit you and your site. Here are some affiliate resources for more information: Affiliate Networks and How to set up your own affiliate program or Tools to help affiliates.

Banner Exchange Programs

Banner Exchange programs are another good way to promote your web site on line. Do some shopping to find one or two programs that meet your needs.

Banner Exchange Programs
Name # Free Credits Exchange Ratio Targeted Ads? Banner Size
Free Banner Swap 100 1:1 Yes 468x60
Banner Barter 7,500 2:1 Yes 468x60, 400x40, 116x69, 88x31
Free-Banners 0 2:1 Yes 468x60
Bpath 0 2:1 Yes 468x60
BCentral 0 2:1 Yes 468x60, 400x40
EIS Banner Exchange 0 5:1-5:4 Yes 468x60
BannersXChange 0 2:1 Yes 468x60, 400x40
WickedBanners 1000 1:1 Yes 468x60
Neobanners 1000 2:1 Yes 468x60, 460x60

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