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News Stories About Our Work Fighting Spyware:

We have been nationally recognized by ABC, NBC, and FOX News (among others) for our development of which is public service a web site for consumers and web site onwers. Unwantedlinks is dedicated to combating unethical on-line advertisers and marketers who use hidden adware & spyware programs to secretly gather information on consumers as well as insert competitors links onto other web sites.

Fight Spyware
ABC Channel 7 News, Los Angels

Is Your Computer A Victim Of Spyware?
ABC channel 7 News, Denver, Co.

Web Looking Like The Old Times Square
CBS News, October 15, 2002

Spyware: Tracking Your Internet Moves
ABC News 10, Albany, NY

Woman Devotes Web Site To Fighting Pop-up Ads
NBC News 10, Philadelphia, Pa

Follow-Up: Getting Rid Of Spyware
NBC News 10, Philadelphia, Pa.

Too Many Pop-Up Ads? Beware Of Spyware
NBC KSBW-TV, California Technology,

Consumers Complain About Unwanted Spyware
NBC News 5, Chicago, IL

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