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Recommended Merchant Gateways & Shopping Carts

Shopping Carts are virtual programs that store the sales information from your site for secure transmission to the gateway clearing house for the processing of the sales on your web site.

All of the providers listed here have proven track records and have been providing secure web transaction services for several years.

Although many merchant shopping cart programs require that you have your own merchant account most of the providers listed below can get you up and running with or without your own merchant account. In addition, many of the programs listed here are very economical to use and charge very modest fees for processing your online sales.

Unlike Yahoo and many other on line storefront platforms that limit you to using "one-size-fits-all" predefined store front templates, the shopping cart programs listed here allow you full control over your web site or online store. In addition, they do not require you to be hosted with them, this allows you full and total control over the design, use and look of your web site. We can fully integrate these shopping carts & gateway processing programs within the sites we design for your company which allow us to maintain the branding of your company. *

Before signing up research the policies of each one. If you are not sure which provider might be best for your company we will assist you, just email us with your questions. If you are planning on selling non shippable items such as downloadable software or other digital media, or if you need payment services for consulting work please see our other section on Alternative Providers.

*Please note: Our clients are in no way limited to using one of these providers, and we can work with any provider of our clients choosing.


Gateway Services & Shopping Carts
NO merchant account is needed - you get to use theirs!

Service Options:

Card Processing Only
Service includes everything except fulfillment. Ship your own orders, but use's secure shopping cart to take orders and process credit cards. Perfect for web merchants who don't have a merchant account, but wish to ship products themselves.

Fulfillment Only Service
For web merchants who are looking for a fulfillment service, but aren't quite big enough (yet) to "talk" to a "traditional" fulfillment house. Orders are transmitted to via FTP or email for fulfillment. Use of this service requires that the web merchant have a cart and card processing solution in place. 

Literature Fulfillment Service
For fulfillment needs that don't require payment on the customers part. If you give away some tangible item on your site (literature, CD, survey "thank you", etc.), then this is the service for you. This service will be available soon.

Pricing for this service is broken down into two elements: a fulfillment fee and an order processing fee.
The order processing fee is 9% of the total dollar amount charged and covers processing the order in our shopping cart, and charging the customers credit card against our merchant account.

The fulfillment fee is based on a sliding scale so your cost per order shipped decreases significantly as weekly volume goes up. This allows us to offer this infrastructure to a wide variety of merchants with varying volume levels.

The "whole ball of wax"
The "complete" service includes everything from the "buy" button back: product warehousing, secure shopping cart, credit card processing, picking, packing, shipping, tracing, and tracking.

When your customer is done shopping, they are taken to a secure page where the transaction is completed and the credit card is charged, the order is transmitted (securely) to the merchant for fulfillment. The charge will appear on the clients credit card statement as "", along with our toll free telephone number. We try hard to let the customer know that their order is being processed by, but when that credit card statement comes and they still don't recognize the name, we want to provide every means possible for them to get information on the charge. This reduces chargebacks and eliminates problems for us and for our

While we can work with merchants that have their own merchant accounts, the bulk of our clients do not. We process transactions as a third party, much like CCNow or iBill.


On Line shopping cart & Merhcant Services
No Merchant Account Required

Don't Have An Internet Merchant Account?
iBill Complete: A totally outsourced payment processing solution where iBill handles all banking, risk management, affiliate management and customer service issues for Internet merchants selling products and services. In addition, iBill Complete offers the most comprehensive payment options on the web, including credit cards, online checks, and telephone billing. With iBill Complete, you use iBill's Internet Merchant Account to process your transactions. In essence, you outsource the billing functions of your offerings to iBill for a flat percentage of the sale. Fast, secure transaction processing on theirr secure Web server with advanced fraud control to reduce the risk of chargebacks.

Already Have or Want an Internet Merchant Account?
iBill Processing Plus: Serves the needs of merchants who manage their business with an individual Internet merchant account handling their own customer service. iBill provides transaction processing, fraud control, business reporting tools, subscription capability, shopping cart functionality, and affiliate management. State-of-the-art, turnkey point of sale interface on our secure Web server for subscription and shopping cart based services. High-speed, secure transaction processing using your Internet merchant account . Advanced fraud control to reduce the risk of chargebacks. Full control of transaction data to support your accounting and customer service functions. Sophisticated tools for managing customer access, memberships and subscriptions . Subscription Service/Rebilling Capability. Sell tangibles through the iBill Shopping Cart. To take advantage of iBill Processing Plus, you must have your Internet Merchant Account. If you are not already set up on an IMA, iBill's subsidiary. Liberty Merchant Services, LLC will help you get established with a financial institution.

Catalog Complete is a full-featured shopping cart system that enables businesses to maximize their selling power on the Internet. iBill can have you selling your product and services online in less than 24 hours. With Catalog Complete, you have the ability to process transactions through your Website with Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Using a simple string of html you can link your products page over to iBill's secure shopping cart and checkout page. Unlimited number of Products Shipping options (US, Canada, Priority) Product Upload, Multiple product options (Size, Color, etc.) * Different Bill to Ship Address for Customers. They also offer payment acceptance plans for service providers.

The service fee for Catalog Complete is never more than 15 percent of the retail amount charged with additional discounts based on client's volume.


Shopping Cart Services for consumer goods, or intangible consumer services, no monthly fees, plus 4.9% and .99 per transaction.
No e-merhcant account needed

Maintain independent hosting for your company (server must have CGI & PERL support) . They will email you order transactions for processing & fulfillment. Sell consumer products or services, they even have an option for the sale of downloadable software & digital files. Sales are reimbursed to you weekly, less 4.9% plus .99 transaction fee.

With Verza you can instantly enable your website to sell products and/or content. You sign-up online, there are no setup fees, and you can start accepting orders on your own website immediatly. Also, Verza provides everything you need to be successful online including: a virtual shopping cart, reseller program, fraud screening, and direct deposit pay-outs.

Once a customer buys a product from your website, you will receive an email notification of the sale. You can then log into Verza to fulfill the transaction and ship it to your customer. You should use a shipper that offers shipment tracking, so that both you and the buyer can view the status of the delivery online.
If you have a website or webpage, Verza's system allows buyers to pay - in real-time - by credit card, check, direct debit and other payment options for your services. No software is required, and you can get setup in seconds!

You can also generate additional income by advertise the products of other Verza customers. All you do is run a small advertisement for the products you like, and you will be paid the indicated commissions. You can advertise products even if you do not have any products of your own to sell.

No setup fees
No monthly fees
Verza charges 4.9% and USD 0.99 per transaction
(They appear to be connected to Ibill above)


Shopping Cart, For Tangible goods only, No Service Providers
No e-merchant Account Required

You can start selling online immediately once you register. You'll instantly gain sophisticated online payment transaction processing and your own online shopping cart without installing and maintaining the technology yourself. 30 day Free Trial!

U.S. Rate Schedule
Monthly Promotional Program - Mandatory Monthly Cost
Your Web site will be found in the search results of over 125 of the top search engines including America Online and Microsoft Network. $9.95
Monthly Sales Volume Retail Margin
$0.00-$100.00 NONE
$100.01 and above 9% of your total sales in excess of $100.00

They collect a 9% commission of each sale Customers can select products for purchase and add them to a virtual "Shopping Cart" provided by CCNow.  When finished shopping, the customer presses the Checkout button and enters his/her credit-card and shipping information to complete the sale.

CCNow acts as your online retailer, selling products to the customer and simultaneously buying the products from you.  In return for the sales commission you give us, CCNow administers the shopping-cart software, the credit card transaction processing, and our customer service functions.

Authorize It

Gateway & shopping cart, average price is $19.95 per month.
(With or Without an e-merchant account)

Authorize.Net products can benefit online and traditional merchants by:
* Performing real-time online transactions from your Web site with WebLink.
* Performing real-time manual transactions with Virtual Terminal.
* Processing periodic billing through the batch upload function.
* Protecting against fraudulent transactions with the Address Verification Service (AVS).
* Taking advantage of complete online reporting capabilities.
* Accessing sales data from any computer in the world with Internet access and a Web browser.
* Offering electronic check payment options with eCheck.Net.
* Eliminating the need for additional hardware or software.
* Being compatible with any hardware and operating platform.
* Eliminating costly software upgrades and updates.
* Supporting an unlimited number of users simultaneously.
* Automatically settling transactions daily.
* Offering tech support via an e-mail menu item with a 24-hour response time.

They offer several plans:

The "BUY NOW" button
This incredibly simple "BUY NOW" button is for merchants who just want to put a button on their own web pages next to an item they wish to sell. No need for a shopping cart. The customer clicks it and they are brought to your secure payment page. You create the "BUY NOW" button with just a "cut and paste"! Button image may be customized. Recommended for less than 10 items. *Can only be used on Premier Authorize-It gateway. FREE !

Simple-to-use Compatible Shopping Cart
FREE Cart Manager Shopping Cart complete with shipping rates and state sales tax calculators in order to build robust e-commerce stores. Easily integrates with AuthorizeNet, Premier Authorize-It, and Linkpoint Gateways. Recommended by Web Developers Nationwide! $19.95/month cart hosting fee including SSL security certificate will be charged. FREE with merchant account setup.

AuthorizeNet compatible CART.
Loads of features including; easy set up, mail lists, shipping and sales tax calculations, order and shipment tracking, gift reminder emails, data base management, high level of security, and much more. FREE UNLIMITED USE... for those merchants who do not need real-time processing and who will manually enter credit card data into their Virtual Terminal. May be upgraded to real time processing for only $19.99/mo. Highly recommended! A very robust cart.

Click Here for RediCart: Premier Authorize-It's FREE Shopping Cart System
RediCart is a powerful Perl-based shopping cart system designed to enable you to accept credit card, check, and EFT payments online in real-time. It is designed to work with Premier Authorize-It's payment acceptance gateway services, but you can modify it to work elsewhere. It is available from Authorize-It free of charge (Paid Support Available). Note to Premier Authorize-It clients: Use of RediCart is not required. You may also process payments via a simple order form, our virtual terminal, or another shopping cart.

Virtual Cart

Shopping Cart & Gateway
You must have your own e-merchant account.

REAL-TIME credit card processing: virtualCART offers support for the following REAL-TIME credit card processing gateways.
* Virtual Linkpoint API
* AuthorizeNet
* VeriSign - PayFloPro
* Pay Pal

With VirtualCart you can have your online store setup in just a few hours, transforming your basic web site into a powerful selling machine. VirtualCart lets your customers place complicated online orders with all the conveniences of a much more expensive system.

Your business benefits from the following features:

* No setup costs, transaction costs or hidden fees.
* Risk-free, 30-day trial period.
* We provide the SSL security and digital certificate.
* Supports 1 product or 10,000 products.
* Works with any existing web page with no modifications.
* No complicated CGI programming necessary.
* You can use any hosting services.
* You can use your existing merchant account service.
* Unmatched reliability and performance.
* Gives your business a professional look.
* Builds customer confidence, which sells your goods.
* Free VirtualCart tech support by phone or e-mail.

VirtualCart Subscription Rates
Three Months $  90 (Full Rate)
Six Months  $150 (Save 17%)
One Year $249 (Save 31%)

Merchant Express - Authorize It

Gateway Services & e-Merchant Account Set up

Secure Real-Time Processing System
You must have your own merchant account

Doing business on the Net means finding a secure, cost-effective, and reliable way to collect payment and process transactions. Authorize.Net fills that need with a server-based real-time transaction processing system. Merchants with a valid merchant account can use the system to submit, authorize, capture, and settle credit card and electronic check transactions without the need for a separate transaction terminal or processing software. There are three main methods of processing transactions through the system:
Virtual Terminal - allows you to manually process mail and telephone credit card transactions, as well as issue credits, just like a real physical terminal, but with the added flexibility of letting you access it from any Internet connection in the world.
WebLink - allows merchants to link their web site to the system in order to accept credit card payments from customers in real-time with complete automation.
ADC (Automated Direct Connect) - provides a mechanism to link more complex web sites with the transaction gateway server, requires custom programming.
Electronic Check Withdrawals are also supported on the Authorize.Net system through eCheck.Net service. eCheck.Net is an optional item available with additional fees.
Authorize.Net Prices and Ordering

Software License Fee:
(Includes Merchant Account) $395 (one time)
OR $35/month lease for 24 mo.
OR $21/month lease for 48 mo.
Monthly Gateway Fee: ONLY $10
Other companies charge $15 - $25 gateway fee. Our low $10 gateway fee will save you $60 to $180 EACH YEAR.

Application Fee NONE (when leasing equipment) $75 (when purchasing, refundable if declined)
Ask about our FREE Shopping Cart and FREE Fraud Protection for Internet Accounts!

Call us TOLL FREE for more information or a free price quote at:

contact us at:

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