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How to Market & Promote Your Web Site

This section is dedicated to educating our potential client's on various techniques for promotion their new web sites.

The web is not like the movie "Field of Dreams" where "if you build it they will come!" at least not with out some work on your end! There are literally millions of web sites across the internet. Getting found is not always easy. The bottom line is that new web sites have to be promoted and marketed in order to be found. It is not enough to just launch your site and expect the customers to find you, you have put some work into the effort.

This means registering your site with search engines regularly and using tried & true old fashioned marketing techniques. Include your the new domain name of your web site on all your business cards, stationary, and letter heads. Put together brochures, mailers and flyers and mail them out to all your regular customers. Place a small newspaper ad, post flyers at your local library, universities, any where people congregate -- promote, promote promote. Attend trade shows, job fairs and other events and bring lots of business cards with you -- don't be shy!


Join forces with other web businesses that might complement your business with reciprocal links.( i.e. if you sell cars then include links to companies that sell tires, batteries, and auto parts and ask them to include a link to your site on theirs.) This benefits both of you.

Many search engines give a higher ranking to sites that have links LEADING in to them as well as leading out, while some search engines will drop a sites ranking if it consists only of outbound links. Join web rings in your field if possible if your business is new and just starting out. The bottom line is you have to actively market your site using all the tools that are at your disposal.

You might want to consider joining affiliate programs, link exchanges and banner exchange programs. We have included some solid information on how to maintain good customer support and customer contact as well as information on search engine submissions.

Today's on-line consumers are much more internet savvy and selective about the web sites they return to and do business with then they used to be. Make sure your web site is in good working order. Consumers are much more likely to place their trust in businesses with well organized sites that provide an atmosphere of stability and growth by keeping up with the advances of internet technology. Poor design, broken links and weak or poorly drafted sales information may cause you to lose new visitors before you can even make a sale. So before you start promoting your site have your site critiqued by friends and business associates that you can trust to give a full and honest evaluation.

We have included a number of additional resources inside of these pages to assist you with promoting your new site, we hope that all our visitors will find this information helpful.

Download Our: Beginners Guide to Owning a Web Site
This FREE PDF booklet contains important information for anyone new to establishing a new web site. It includes information about what to look for in a hosting company, the steps to getting a merchant account as well as marketing & site promotion tips!

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