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A few Words About Hosting Plans

First, we want to tell you that we are not a hosting provider, however, we do all that we can to assist our clients find the right type of hosting company to meet their needs and their budgets. Finding the right hosting provider can be a very confusing process for some new businesses and site owners. We have attempted to make the process a little bit easier for you. We have searched the internet extensively for providers who offer a wide range of hosting service options both free & low cost and still provide reliable service options for our clients to choose from, depending on what their needs might be. We have listed some excellent providers for you to choose from whether you are interested in low cost or free hosting.

Before you choose a host provider stop and think about what your needs will be.

  1. Domain Names: One of the first things you need to think about is your domain name. A domain name is also your unique address which you purchase the "rights" to use for defined periods of time. Domain names must be renewed every couple of years. It is always a good idea to try to get a domain name that matches your company's name to make it more identifiable and easy for your customers to remember. However, the name you want might not be available so think carefully about alternatives before you register one so that you do not get stuck with one you don't really like. Some hosting companies prefer that you register your domain name with them and might charge you a transfer fee. You might even get a break on the total cost of hosting your site and there are a several companies that will even host your site for free if you register your domain name through them, however they might charge you a few dollars more on the domain registration fee than some of the budget domain name registrars.

  2. Cost: How much are you willing to spend on hosting per month or per year or are you looking for a "Free" hosting company. We have found a number of excellent ones for our clients. Many hosting companies offer discounts if you pay for a year in advance. If you are not happy with your chosen hosting provider you can always move your site to someplace else.

  3. Space: How much space will you need? You might not need a large amount for a basic site, 15 to 30 mgs is generally more than enough for a 15-20 pages site with plenty of room to spare for growth unless you are going to include a large shopping cart with a lot of product images or other extremely large files like MP3 and streaming media.

  4. Traffic: How much traffic do you expect? This might not be of serious concern for a new site, however if your site "takes-off" with a lot of traffic you might need a hosting company that offers a high bandwidth allowance. The more traffic your site gets (hits or visitors) the more bandwidth it will need. If you expect to get over 200 visitors per day you might need a service that offers a higher bandwidth.

  5. Banner Ads: Are you open to having adverting banners or not? Many free hosting companies require that you include their advertising banners. If you are thinking of using a free host check to find out which type they require. Some providers include ads that are placed on the top of the page, some on the bottom, and some require a pop-up? This is also an important consideration for the design and layout of your site as space will need to set a side and the ad will need to be incorporated within the design. This is also true if you plan on working with banner & link exchange programs or affiliate ad programs. However, don't despair, we have found a few free hosts that do not require any banners at all!

  6. Databases: What additional services will you need? If you are planning to include a data base you might need a host that includes ASP, SSI, SQL or Coldfusion services. If your site is primarily informational in nature you might not need those extra services.

  7. Email Services: What type of e-mail services do you need? Most hosting companies offer POP3 mail services that will work with MS Outlook while others only offer only a web based e-mail service.

As you can see, not all hosting companies provide the same types of services, many have restrictions as to the type of files & content they will allow as well as additional services they supply or support. You must check the detailed information on any host you are considering, check their FAQ's or Terms & Conditions. If you are still not sure, e-mail them with your questions before you sign on with them. If you need assistance in this area please feel free to contact us and we will try to find out the information that you need.

Although we have included a number of recommended hosting companies you are not in any way limited in having to choose any of the providers that we have included, we will work with any service provider that you prefer. If you have or know of a service that you would prefer to use arrangements can be made.

We have also included a several reputable companies for you to register your own domain name. Most hosting companies also offer you the option of setting up your domain name with them. This can be very convenient, however, generally, they might charge you a bit more per year so check their prices.

Feel free to explore as many options as you like, I have included links to each of the providers sites for you to check them out for yourselves as well. When you find several companies that you might like to work with let us know. Once you decide and register with a company for your domain name and hosting services it is important to keep careful track all the account information and passwords. Make sure you use an active e-mail account that will you will continue to maintain since many times this is used as user verification. We have had a number of clients who forgot who they signed with and lost or forgot passwords causing them major problems when it came time to update their sites.

Download Our: Beginners Guide to Owning a Web Site
This FREE PDF booklet contains important information for anyone new to establishing a new web site. It includes information about what to look for in a hosting company, the steps to getting a merchant account as well as marketing & site promotion tips!



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