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Merchant Services for Consulting Professionals
or Sales of Software and Digital Media

Here is a list of a variety of providers with a wide range of low cost solutions to assist you in collecting credit card payments over the internet with or with out having a costly merchant account. These services are ideal for companies offering on line consulting services or downloadable digital media products and software and would like to be able to accept payments for their products or services and gain credibility within the on-line buying community. Most of the providers listed below do not require that you have a merchant account, nor would you be limited to using boring predefined store front templates.

We can fully integrate these shopping carts & gateway processing programs within the sites we design for your company. *

Choosing a provider of these services requires that you to do a bit of digging to find the right provider to meet your company or individual needs. we have spend extensive time researching for our clients so that they will be able to shop around for the right provider to meet their needs. Please take your time and review each option carefully prior to signing up with any one. Some companies will only allow you to sell consumer goods, some only allow you to sell consumer services or digital media such as software. Take your time and examine each one, review all the options that the offer. We have supplied links to the sites for you to check them out in more detail.

If you are not sure which provider might be best for your company we will assist you, just e-mail us with your questions. If you are planning on selling shippable products please see our other section on Merchant Service Providers.

Most of these providers allow you to have and maintain your own independent website linking your site to their shopping cart or gateways for secure payment checkouts. We have tried to limited the listings to companies that provide shopping carts with out the need of additional software.

If you would like more information on how third party bill or how internet reseller programs work click here!

*Please note: Our clients are in no way limited to using one of these providers, and we can work with any provider of our clients choosing.


Reg Soft

Third Party Billing & Reseller Services for Downloadable Software, Shareware, etc. is an industry leader in providing E-Commerce Payment Processing Services for publishers and authors of PC and Macintosh software, shareware, electronic art, information and data. This service is for software, shareware, and digital media products - either shippable or downloadable. No shopping cart services, but they can link to them for clients maintaining their own shopping cart software or order form fields. Access to an On-line store. A key benefit of working with is that vendors may utilize the services on an as-needed basis. does not charge any sign-up or startup fees, unlike many other industry competitors. Therefore, signing up with RegSoft is a risk-free scenario, offering only benefits to the vendor. Furthermore, only charges commissions on orders that are fully processed and does not charge transaction fees for refunds or chargebacks.

There is no software to install, just a selection of BuyNow buttons to choose from, and a link we provide to their purchase page.
Clients must go through a 10 minute setup process, which is done online to give us information about them and their products. Setup is Real-time and their order page is ready that quickly. At this time we primarily work with digital media, downloaded products, but have clients doing both shippable media as well as services.


Third Party Billing & Reseller Services for Downloadable Software, Shareware, etc.

No shopping cart, Intangible or tangible goods. This service is primarily for software, videos, music and other downloadable files & information. No set up fee, various transaction fees between 6.5% no monthly minimum


Third Party Billing & Reseller Services for "intangible services only"

CCBill’s Wholesale Account offers complete billing solutions for companies who do not have or cannot get a Merchant Account. We act as Merchant for your services and process transactions on your behalf directly through our Merchant Account. If you do not have a Merchant Account, or if maintaining one is too costly and time consuming, CCBill can resell your services on the Internet through our Wholesale Account. The process is seamless for you and your Customers. In effect, we act as an indirect Merchant for your services, collecting Customer and order information and processing your transactions through our Merchant Account. We offer flexible, one-time and recurring billing solutions to support a variety of eBusiness strategies. By outsourcing your transaction processing functions to CCBill, you don’t have to worry about collecting and processing sales tax, staffing a Customer Service desk for billing inquiries or many other traditional upfront costs – we do it all for you; you simply receive a check every week for your online sales.

No shopping cart, Intangible items or services only.
If you do not have a Merchant Account, or if maintaining a Merchant Account is too costly and time consuming, CCBill can become a reseller of your services on the Internet. In effect, CCBill buys proofs of purchase at wholesale from your site, and then resells them to consumers at retail.
We provide this assistance for companies who are reselling website content or services. 
Our Wholesale Account Program is ideal for customers who:
Sell website content or services

No set up fees, transactions fees between 13.5 - 15% no monthly minimum


Third Party Billing & Reseller Services Downloadable Software, Shareware, etc.

Digibuy is a software and shareware registration service that allows you to set-up, modify, and add products anytime. You have complete control over pricing, order forms, and delivery options. You can even check order status and process refunds yourself!

Intangible items only. $30.00 set up fee, Transaction fees between 12.9 -14.9% no monthly minimum This service is for software and digital materials only.
Fully Customizable Order Forms
You can fully customize the look and feel of your order forms to match your existing web site. It's as simple as editing a regular HTML page.

Service Level Options
DigiBuy recognizes different authors have different e-commerce needs. That's why there are two service levels from which you can choose. Why pay for the full version when "lite" will do? At any time you can upgrade your service level to a higher one.


Third Party Billing & Reseller Services

ClickBank is the online distribution center for over 10,000 digital products and services that are delivered entirely over the Internet itself (via web pages, files, or email). Web businesses with digital products to sell (vendors) give us access to their product and place a special "Buy It At ClickBank" button on their web site. ClickBank is then able to sell these products directly.

Online Billing Solutions, Inc. (OBS) is the premier third party credit card servicer of today's internet. OBS provides secure online processing to web merchants with and without their own merchant accounts.

When using Reseller Service, you are actually selling web site access to OBS, and we in turn resell the web site access to internet users.

You will have to place a simple line of HTML on your site which will create a link to the OBS secure server. You must also display the cost of the transaction, the length of the web site access, and that the charge will post as "OBS WEB". When an internet user is brought to the OBS secure
server, they will have to enter their credit card information. If their credit card is approved, they will be given a code that will allow access to your web site. They will also be emailed a receipt for their records.

The OBS billing cycle is 15 days. Payments are made semi-monthly. Sales during the first 15 days of the month will be paid on the first business day of the next month. Sales made during the last 15 days of the month are paid on the 15th day of the next month. Payments can be made via check (regular mail, express mail), wire transfer, or ACH.

no set up fees, no monthly fees, transactions vary



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