Affordable web development for small businesses. Low Cost Web Design and Web Site Development that small businesses can afford!
 Today, even small businesses and organizations need to have a web site so that their clients, customers and business partners can quickly get information and interact with them.
If  you have been putting off getting your business on the internet or  redesigning your existing site because of high costs now is the time to act! We are currently offering 20% off on ALL of our web design. We  provide personal attention to all our clients and our sites are individually designed for your business. Our prices normally start as low as $350.00  for a custom designed starter site which include 5 web pages, graphic  logo Images, creative tiling backgrounds, unlimited text hyperlinks,  placement of additional images, meta coding for search engine optimization, 
site uploading, background music if desired, free counters and registration  with 20 top search engines! Additional packages also include high impact custom designed logos, headers & 
 roll-over navagation buttons,cascading style sheets, dynamic rollover product images, interactive java scripting & industry news feeds  all at 'rock-bottom-prices'. Why   limit your company's earning potential or risk losing prospective  customers or clients any more simply because you don't have a professionally  designed web site to quickly provide them with vital information about  your business! Let  us help you get your message across to all your customers and business  associates quickly, easily and hassle free. Our fully trained webprofessionals can design a highly professional and custom web site 
for you even if you have a tight budget. We offer creative designs at affordable rates.
We assist our clients save time and money by finding affordable solutions! We  do all that we can to assist our clients with finding the right low   cost solutions for all their web needs. We have lot's of great information on this site to assist our clients and visitors with finding reliable low cost and free hosting providers and detailed information about how to set up an e-commerce web site to sell products or services on line. We even have information about selling on line with or without  a merchant account as well as tips & services to assist with web  site promotion and marketing your new web site. We don't stop at just designing your site! We  also help our clients with marketing and promoting their new web sites.  We provide hands on assistance and advise to our clients on how to  market & promote your new web site both on and off line. The sites we design are optimized to assist with search engine recognition and 
we take the time to register our new clients with the top 20 search engines. We guarantee all our sites and we also offer our clients a choice of  regular web maintenance programs for site updates, changes or alterations!about us Affordable Web Design for Small Businesses - Click here to enter